Rupert Graves in Scott & Bailey Series 1 Episode 6 (2011) part 3/8

The 31st icon in your folder is your characters reaction to seeing something scary.


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sherlock characters → greg lestrade: graham geoff gavin greg.

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Law & Order (UK).

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[[ A Study in Hairporn: Or, what Rin’s hair looked like in the year that she was AWOL]]


Mystrade - Law&Order - After Work
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“It’s really not, it is ridiculous and distractingly unrealistic,” Mycroft challenged. “Look at that, they just apprehended this man, who shows clear signs of guilt to be certain, but they’re already going to trial.  How does that not infuriate you?  You do this on a daily basis, you know just as well as I do a trial can take weeks, or even months to get to after the initial arrest.” 

“Myc, love, it’s not meant to be realistic,” Greg said, grinning brightly.  It was really adorable how his partner over-analyzed these kinds of drama shows.  Greg did have to admit, it was a bit bunch at times and there were some episodes he couldn’t get through, but overall he could watch it and enjoy it. “It’s for time constraints.”

~ FF - 365 Days of Mystrade: Day 275 - Law and Order by communionnimrod
I’m sorry but I had to do it :D So yeah, this is a lil gift for my very sweet dear communionnimrod based on her wonderful Mystrade - Law&Order drabble ^^
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Rupert Graves in Scott & Bailey Series 1 Episode 5 (2011) part 4/5


Air Force One is Down (2013).

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